Who are you?

I am working as an Academic Practice Tutor for Applied Biosciences Degree program at CU Coventry. Before joining CU Coventry, I completed my PhD from Warwick University. The focus of my doctoral research was to see how religion manifests in the leadership of Muslim headteachers of Pakistani origin. It was a comparative study between Muslim headteachers in Pakistan and England. I published a chapter in an Educational Leadership book in 2018 and currently working on another journal publication.

Something else more personal about yourself?

I migrated from Lahore, Pakistan to do my PhD at Warwick University. It was a life-changing 4 years of my life as I researched an area for which I was very passionate about, i.e. religion. While the doctoral research helped me develop me as a researcher, it also polished my skills of providing academic support to students for their dissertations. I discovered these skills only when I worked as an Academic Writing Mentor at Warwick University for three consecutive years. Hence, soon after completing my PhD, I landed in my current job as an Academic Practice Tutor.

Reflecting on my past 7 years in England, I can say one thing with determination: there is no such thing as impossible; even the word impossible reads as I M POSSIBLE!

Something you have learnt recently?

Working as an Academic Practice Tutor for two years now, I have learnt and acquired many valuable, transferable skills. In particular, Coventry University’s emphasis on innovative teaching methods has encouraged me to explore new and engaging teaching pedagogies which aim to focus on developing a meaningful relationship between staff and students. Especially, I am on the lookout for any new digital learning technology that promises to improve the learning experience of students. This year, I have been working on attending workshops and projects (like EduHackathon) to develop myself professionally as well as academically.

Something you would like to learn over the next few weeks or months?

Following the paradigm shift created by COVID-19, whereby adapting to online and blended learning is not just important but essential, I am interested in exploring new e-learning methodologies. In particular, I am keen to learn how to use technology to design effective collaborative learning while making teaching and learning more meaningful and valuable for our students.

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