Who are you?

Hello, I am Melissa. I am based at CU Scarborough and have been here since 2016 teaching on the Access to HE: Health and Human Sciences course. This led me to pursue a Master’s in which I focused on widening participation for disadvantaged students and how access courses can help to bridge this barrier.

I have a background in STEM, specialising in Biology and Environmental Sciences. I have also trained in Counselling and Psychology.

Something else more personal about yourself?

I love time with family and friends although we have all had a lot of that recently! I also really enjoy astrobiology and learning about space in my spare time. Very passionate about education and helping others pursue their dreams of joining HE.

Something you have learnt recently?

How to resist visiting the fridge ten times a day whilst at home! In all seriousness I did a short course called ‘Covid-19 Psychological First Aid’ and this has been so helpful to allow me to support students in this time. It is free and you get a certificate, check it out if you get time.

Something you would like to learn over the next few weeks or months?

I would like to continue to learn more about online delivery and engagement. I also am undertaking a qualification in Nutritional Assessment so I would like that out of the way before my PhD!

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