Hello, I am part of the Curriculum 2025 team and have been working at Coventry University for the past 6 years. I have experience of working as a lecturer and course director over the years, and have been privileged to be able to work alongside many talented colleagues within the University. I am also nearing the end of my PhD journey here at Coventry.

My background is in the NHS healthcare and public health (I am a registered dietitian), therefore I have a keen interest in promoting mental health and wellbeing for both staff and students across the University. I also love innovation and creativity, and I am always seeking opportunities to try out and learn new things within curriculum design and delivery. I am a very keen advocate of co-creation and I believe we can achieve great things working together.

In my spare time I never sit still, you will usually find me cycling, hiking, playing hockey or trying a new activity or sport!

I look forward to continuing to meet inspiring people and continuing to collaborate as part of Curriculum 2025 – please get in touch!

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