Who are you?

I’m Yasmin Stefanov-King, one of the lecturers on the Education programmes here at CUS and have been here since the building opened in 2016.

Something else more personal about yourself?

My research areas are representations of family in comics for the very young, and the social and emotional development of children in trauma situations. I am currently involved in research around Coronavirus and its impact upon practitioners, children and families. On a slightly different note I am now notorious for crafting, which means basically people live in dread of any present they may receive.

Something you have learnt recently?

That photo voice and photo elicitation are fabulous ways of achieving the child’s voice in a range of different research environments. Oh, and it is usually best to get all paint off before trying to get a semi-offical photo! Which leads to my final learning moment – I need a proper work photo 🙂

Something you would like to learn over the next few weeks or months?

How to manage time with two small girls, an ongoing doctorate, and work more effectively – but then I would also like to learn how to fly, and I think they are both equally likely!!

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