Who are you?

I am an Innovation Lead at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, with a special focus on Digital Fluency and Open Knowledge. Some of the initiatives and projects within my strand of work include Coventry.domains, EduHack, OpenMed, E-DigiLit and active learning with Wikimedia, among others.

I am interested in the social and cultural implications of information and communication technologies and the role of the Internet and computerisation in learning, work and everyday life.

Something else more personal about yourself?

I was born in beautiful Seville (Spain) and moved to the UK about a decade ago. After completing my DPhil (PhD) at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), I joined Coventry University as Online International Learning Programme Manager in 2014.

Prior to moving to the UK, I worked at the International University of Andalucia (Spain), where I was one of the founders of its Digital Practices & Cultures Programme and its Centre for Creation & Experimentation in Digital Content.

I also have a background in the fields of visual culture, photography, arts and design. And I like cooking and trying new dishes from around the world!

Something you have learnt recently?

That being a parent can be rather demanding, even more under lockdown, but also very rewarding.

Something you would like to learn over the next few weeks or months?

How too make a baby understand that by 9.00pm they should have been asleep already for a while!


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