Who are you?

Hi, I’m the Director of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab where we seek to listen to and work with colleagues from across the group supporting and facilitating the delivery of the group’s education innovation mission. I have the pleasure of working with an amazing team in the Lab, if you haven’t met one of us as yet then please do reach out.

Something else more personal about yourself?

I feel better with exercise but more often than not find an excuse to put it off 😉 My family’s tea-making skills have dramatically improved during lock down and have kept me going over the past few months.

Something you have learnt recently?

To always make sure we take the time to reach out and listen to one another.

Something you would like to learn over the next few weeks or months?

How we can, together, design a truly fabulous peer driven mentoring support for all our students no matter what or where they study.

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